Ten things…

Ten things men can do to help prevent male violence against women

 Respect women and treat them as equals
 Try to understand how our own attitudes and behaviors may perpetuate sexism and violence
 Never remain silent - confront abusive behaviors
 Offer help and support to any woman you suspect being threatened - there are structures in place to help
 Realize that gender violence is based above all on the inequality between men and women and negatively affects the women we care about
 Do not hesitate to seek help if you find yourself in a situation or environment where you may become violent
 Mentor young men about ways to become responsible adults by promoting a model of masculinity that excludes the degradation or humiliation of women
 Join and support individuals, groups and organizations working for the elimination of all forms of gender violence
 Before purchasing any magazines, videos or music that portray women in a degrading or violent manner, recognize that violence against women is a form of discrimination and a violation of their right to dignity
 Wear the white ribbon pin to show your commitment for the eradication of violence against women