Peace Seal Project to help end violence

“My Home is a place of Peace”

School“My school is a
place of Peace”


The campaign “My home is a place of peace” and “My school is a place of peace” aims for everyone to become a peacemaker in their family and in schools.


Message to Parents and Teachers:

1) Start with a discussion about what constitutes peace, stressing that peace is more than an absence of conflict: it is a positive state that includes feelings such as contentment, calm, the absence of longing and desire, forgiveness, innocence, etc., i.e. all conducive to experiencing the inner peace that is our essential state of being and a dynamic transformative process.


2) Continue to discuss about where peace resides, concluding that it is ultimately a state of consciousness. Help children to share their experiences when they have felt peace or its contrary (anger, hate, irritation, envy, etc.) which do they prefer? Living in peace and staying inwardly in a state of peace does not mean that one does not encounter conflicts or that one avoids them; it means living and facing them in a non-violent way with a desire to resolve them harmoniously.


3) Become an active peacemaker. Everyone can be a peacemaker by taking a stand for peace in his/her life, starting at home, then at school, in classrooms, in meetings, in the bus, in church, at the playground, etc.


4) How to be a peacemaker. Discuss potential conflict situations at home and at school and how to resolve them harmoniously. Have students share experiences and ask them if they wish to declare that their home and their school are places of peace, and invite them to use the peace seal to remind them of their pledge for peace.


We cordially invite you to share the peace seal campaign and its commitment with your family, students, colleagues and friends.

To order additional seal (min. 10 pieces for CHF 15) to cover costs, post included. Kindly indicate the no. of selas for homes and the no. for schools so that we respect your needs. Tél. : 022 738 66 19 – E-mail : contact (at)


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