08 – 03 – 2012 Public gathering – 8 March 2012

Ending violence against women8_mars_2012

On 8 March 2012 (International Women’s Day), the Swiss White Ribbon Campaign, an initiative of the Women’s World Summit Foundation, shared information at the Place des Nations in front of the United Nations buildings. The message ” Men and Women commit to end violence against women is a call to action to help prevent and eliminate violence against women in the world.


WWSF thanks the Ambassador of Costa Rica, H.E. M. Manuel B. Dengo, and the White Ribbon Ambassadors, David Bourgoz and Olivier Rizzi Carlson for their words of support and concern.


WWSF also thanks the city of Geneva for sponsoring the tent and Coop for offering the sandwiches served to participants. Fur further information about the White Ribbon Campaign and to order your pin and brochures, please contact: contact@white-ribbon.ch Tel: 022 738 66 19